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A SPOTacular Day of Giving for Children In Need
November 27, 2023

In the spirit of giving, the school held a special assembly introducing the BBC Children in Need initiative. Pupils enthusiastically embraced the theme, donning yellow, spotty, and even Pudsey Bear costumes, raising a SPOTacular £561.05 from the day.

The participants in these lively outfits were invited to step down and join the presenters when we learned a little bit about Pudsey Bear and his origins in West Yorkshire. The award for the most SPOTacular costume went to Theo’s chicken, causing a stir, especially among the younger boys, when entering the dining hall. We are happy to announce that the takings for the day reached over £500, an amount of which we can be proud.

In a previous assembly, we celebrated the conclusion of the Open Table Tennis Tournament this term, where Asher in 5W emerged as the champion with 30 wins. Julian in 5S secured a close second, both receiving well-deserved bat prizes. House standings reflected Lions (123), Tutors (109), Fleuries (65), and Martlets (56). Notable performances from Philip in 4L, Mason in 4B, and Luka in 7M contributed to £188.71 donated to the British Red Cross in these trying times.

We are also pleased to announce that, thanks to a recent fundraising event, we raised a commendable sum of £220.00 by selling merchandise in support of the Royal British Legion. We extend our gratitude to Mrs. Chacksfield for orchestrating this initiative, and we are most grateful for the community’s generous participation.

Looking ahead, we invite everyone to join us at the upcoming Christmas Fair on Sunday 10th December from 12 noon to 3 pm in the Sports Centre. Old boys from Westminster School or Eton College are warmly welcomed.

Many exciting activities have indeed emerged, but we are able to accommodate at least 25 stalls this year due to our spacious venue.

Let’s make this season of giving truly remarkable!

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Westminster School gratefully welcomes donations to support fundraising efforts across the School community.

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