To complement our pupils’ academic exploration, Westminster offers a number of cultural and leisure trips to a wide variety of local, national and international destinations.

Our central London location allows us to enjoy the many excellent museums, galleries and cultural sites our city has to offer, with the Science Museum, the Natural History Museum and the theatres of the West End proving consistently popular. There are not many schools where pupils can walk to the Tate Britain, study a world-famous painting and be back in school for the end of a double lesson. Our location also means that we are well-placed to easily travel into other areas of the country, giving our boys an appreciation of the UK’s beauty, history and heritage.

National destinations include Osmington Bay in Dorset, where the boys can go fossil hunting, the Isle of Wight where the boys spend a week almost entirely on water and the stunning Norfolk coastline. Our staff also regularly arrange long weekend trips for whole year groups or smaller groups of boys visiting, for example, Aviemore in the Scottish highlands or St George’s Park, home of the England football team’s training base.

We also take the boys on international expeditions, introducing them to new and different cultures, languages, food and terrain. There is an annual trip to Italy, usually in the autumn, where the pupils get to explore Naples, Pompeii, Herculaneum, Paestum and Rome. We also run several trips to France and Belgium focusing either on the boys’ language skills or the visiting the sites of some of the famous battles from 20th century conflicts. Other trips have included visits to Iceland to learn about glaciers, California and Nevada to understand desert climates, the Azores and trips to South Africa, South America and China for the Senior Choir.

We always find that by taking our boys away they always gain new insights into themselves and the world around them, as well as a greater understanding of and appreciation for whichever subject or hobby may have taken them there.