Meet Our Boys

Meet some of our boys and find out which subjects and activities they enjoy, and what they like about being at Westminster Under School.
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I liked going away to Somerset with all of my friends for a few days. It was great waking up and being able to play all day long.
Luca, Aged 8
Likes tennis, maths and computing
I like it here because the teachers are nice and there's always lots of things to do.
Noé, Aged 8
Likes Computing, bridge and football.
I really like the independence of WUS. You can make choices without having to ask a teacher all the time.
Chris, Aged 9
Likes Art, history and tennis.
I like the school Sports Day because Tug of War was really intense and unlike anything I've done before.
Julian, Aged 10
Likes Science, violin and cycling.
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I love History at the Under School because we study so many interesting periods of our past which were really gruesome!
Vladimir, Aged 10
Likes History, maths and table tennis
There's loads to do, even at break times if you don't want to go outside.
William, Aged 10
Likes Chess, French and Cricket
I like Tech Club at lunchtimes, as it allows you to create things you didn't think you could.
Vishal, Aged 12
Likes Drawing, geography and piano
I particularly like art because although it's hard work it's nice to do something completely different. What you end up with is always different to how you started.
Leo, Aged 13
Likes Art, psychology and drama