Art can be a very powerful tool, inspiring our pupils to think creatively, to become tenacious learners, to handle making and learning from mistakes and to commit to seeing a challenging project through to the end. All boys have a double Art lesson each week throughout their time at the Under School and this undoubtably plays a vital part in the development of each pupil as a whole. In addition to growing their imaginative and practical skills, Art allows the boys to combine ideas, thoughts, senses and emotions and experience the joy and pleasure of creating.

One of the Under School’s newest buildings houses our purpose-built Art Department, filled with light and inviting spaces for the boys to work as well as a fully-equipped IT suite and a well-stocked art library. The Department is staffed by a highly accomplished team of art teachers, several of whom are practising artists. They are committed to developing pupils’ practical ability and technique across a range of media from painting, printmaking and drawing to textile work, ceramics, sculpture, batik and digital design, in addition to growing their knowledge of the theory and history of art. Boys are also encouraged to initiate their own projects, whether in a lesson context or as an extra-curricular activity, following their creative interests wherever they may lead.

The Department is staffed by a highly accomplished team of art teachers, several of whom are practising artists.

We like to celebrate the diversity, imagination and innovation of our pupils, with regularly- changing displays of their artwork in most public areas of the school. We also host annual model-making and photography competitions, as well as encouraging the boys to present work for galleries and inclusion in the school magazine, The Vincent.

Observation and appreciation of the work of others is also encouraged and the wealth of galleries and museums within easy reach of the school serves as an invaluable asset, particularly supporting our teaching of various art techniques and art history.

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