Pastoral Care

The care we take of our pupils’ emotional and mental wellbeing is our main priority.

Pastoral Care

Naturally we want to protect and support our boys, helping them to develop into healthy, fulfilled and resilient young people and making sure they feel safe and enjoy their time at the Under School. We also encourage the boys to look out for others and to act thoughtfully and compassionately at all times.

Central to this are the School’s six Core Values which underpin all that we do. These Core Values will enable the boys, not only to thrive academically, but to flourish both now and in their future lives. The School fully believes that nurturing the values of Compassion, Integrity, Resourcefulness, Service, Diligence and Commitment will ensure that all of our boys leave as good young men.

In addition to the general pastoral care offered by the Housemasters and the Heads of Year, all pupils have a dedicated form teacher and a form support teacher. The form teacher takes special responsibility for the welfare of the boys in his or her form and is also the main link between the school and our boys’ parents. The form teacher is there to offer personal and academic support and advice and is always the first point of contact for both pupils and parents if there are any questions or worries.

The school also has a BACP-accredited Child and Adolescent Counsellor, offering confidential counselling services to any pupils and/or parents who might value advice and support through a difficult time, or space to think together with a professional about emotional, behavioural, or academic difficulties. Our Counsellor is available for both informal one-off sessions and longer-term support, where appropriate.

We also make time each week for personal, spiritual and philosophical reflection, as every Thursday the whole school attends a service in nearby St Stephen’s Church. The church is a beautiful and calming space and the service offers the boys time to pause and focus on something outside of themselves.

Additionally, it is made clear to all members of the School community in age-appropriate terms that bullying in any form is unacceptable at Westminster. Those values are made explicit in our policies on Child Protection and Anti-Bullying. The school also has procedures in place relating to issues such as First Aid, Behaviour (including rewards and sanctions) and Health and Safety matters. These can be viewed on our School Policies page.

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