1. Mrs L Adams

    Mrs L Adams

    1. School Counsellor
  2. Mrs E-L Allison

    Mrs E-L Allison

    1. English Support
  3. Mr I Baillie

    Mr I Baillie

    1. Computing, ICT Consultant
  4. Dr E Banfield

    Dr E Banfield

    1. French, Latin
  5. Ms E Beauclerk

    Ms E Beauclerk

    1. Year 4 Form Teacher
  6. Mrs E M Bell

    Mrs E M Bell

    1. Assistant Director of Music
  7. Mr A J P Busk

    Mr A J P Busk

    1. Art, Games
  8. Mr T D Chapman

    Mr T D Chapman

    1. Music
  9. Ms E Corcoran

    Ms E Corcoran

    1. English and Study Skills
  10. Mr P M Daly

    Mr P M Daly

    1. Head of Classics, Games
  11. Mr A J Downey

    Mr A J Downey

    1. Classics, Games
  12. Mr T Dumas

    Mr T Dumas

    1. Assistant Director of Sport
  13. Mr B Dunhill

    Mr B Dunhill

    1. Head of Expansion
      English, French
  14. Mr O T Campbell Smith

    Mr O T Campbell Smith

    1. Head of Year 8
      Head of Geography
  15. Mr G Gougay

    Mr G Gougay

    1. French, Games
  16. Ms A Hartley

    Ms A Hartley

    1. Art
  17. Mrs C Horridge

    Mrs C Horridge

    1. Science, Mathematics
  18. Dr G K Horridge

    Dr G K Horridge

    1. Head of History
  19. Mr P Isaac

    Mr P Isaac

    1. Science
  20. Mrs K Jefferson

    Mrs K Jefferson

    1. Master
  21. Ms D L F Jones

    Ms D L F Jones

    1. Head of Learning Enrichment
  22. Mrs S Knief

    Mrs S Knief

    1. Master's PA
  23. Mrs E R  Kullmann

    Mrs E R Kullmann

    1. Assistant Master (Pastoral)
  24. Miss M Langford

    Miss M Langford

    1. English Literature
  25. Mrs A Lee

    Mrs A Lee

    1. Registrar
  26. Mrs H L Lindley

    Mrs H L Lindley

    1. Head of Science
  27. Mr E J Matthews

    Mr E J Matthews

    1. Head of Mathematics, Games
  28. Mr M Kerr

    Mr M Kerr

    1. Assistant Master (Extra-Curricular)
      English, Geography, Games
  29. Mr P Lawson

    Mr P Lawson

    1. Head of Year 5
      Head of Theology, Philosophy & Religion
  30. Mr T-S Li

    Mr T-S Li

    1. Assistant Master (Teaching and Learning)
  31. Ms A Oozeer

    Ms A Oozeer

    1. Head of Art and Design
  32. Mrs M Raikes

    Mrs M Raikes

    1. Prep School Teacher
  33. Ms A Oakley-Smith

    Ms A Oakley-Smith

    1. Bursar and Chief Operating Officer
  34. Mr S Singh

    Mr S Singh

    1. Head of Year 7
      Head of Computing
  35. Miss R Smith

    Miss R Smith

    1. English, History
  36. Mr N Starbrook

    Mr N Starbrook

    1. Director of Sport
  37. Mr T Sverrisson

    Mr T Sverrisson

    1. Head of Enterprise
  38. Mr S Thébaud

    Mr S Thébaud

    1. Head of French, Games
  39. Mrs R Thorn

    Mrs R Thorn

    1. Head of Year 6
      Director of Music
  40. Miss L Tricker

    Miss L Tricker

    1. Director of Drama
  41. Mrs M Waggett

    Mrs M Waggett

    1. Financial Secretary
  42. Miss H Wellman

    Miss H Wellman

    1. Assistant Master (Pastoral), Head of Juniors, Head of PSHEE
  43. Miss C Wheeler-Bennett

    Miss C Wheeler-Bennett

    1. Geography, Learning Enrichment
  44. Miss R Wilkin

    Miss R Wilkin

    1. Mathematics
  45. Miss S Wollam

    Miss S Wollam

    1. Assistant Master (Academic)
  46. Mr M J Woodside

    Mr M J Woodside

    1. Deputy Master, DSL

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