Transfer to Senior Schools

Westminster School and Westminster Under School operate under a ‘one charity, two schools’ model. While they share the same Governing Body, many facilities and many admin and support staff, the two schools have their own leaders, leadership teams and teachers, though working relationships between colleagues across both schools are close.

Both schools aim to give the pupils in their care the most exceptional education, with our pupils having a deep love for learning, an openness to fresh ideas, debate and curiosity as well as a desire to reach their potential through hard work. Boys at the Under School do not so much just ‘go’ to WUS but rather ‘are’ WUS, embodying its aims and values. All of this is conducted in a safe, vibrant environment where pupils can try new things without fear, grow their extra-curricular interests and develop into truly well-rounded individuals before their next step beyond Westminster. The Old Westminster (OW) network helps to cultivate the idea of being a Westminster for life and having a lifelong connection to the School, a place where you former WUS and WS pupils will always be welcome.

Pupils at Westminster Under School typically enter the School in Years 3, 4 and 7, although occasional places are available in Years 5 and 6. Pupils who join the Under School as part of the 11+ process in Year 7 go through the same transfer process at the same time as our pupils in Year 6 and so their entry to Westminster is automatic upon entering the Under School.

For pupils who join us in Years 3 and 4, the transfer process in Year 6 acts as a check that Westminster School remains the right place for each boy and that it is a place where boys can grow and flourish and enjoy five excellent years of education, which are as wholly positive and transformative as possible. For the overwhelming majority of boys an unconditional offer for Westminster is made after taking the ISEB Common Pre-Tests, some additional testing in Mathematics and English and meeting a senior member of staff from Westminster.

However, at all stages it is important to be aware and open-minded towards the fact that Westminster, like Westminster Under School, is not the right school for everyone: the pace is quick and pupils must continue to value and enjoy being stretched, challenged, being exposed to new ideas and being busy for much of the time with us. Where Westminster School is not the right choice, the School will support families in finding the right senior school for them.

In a similar manner, for those pupils who join us in Years 3 or 4, the School will continue to support boys who wish to transfer to any senior school at 13+, whether it be a day or weekly boarding experience at Westminster or a full boarding experience outside of London.

Find out when your child is able to join the School using the personalised age checker and timeline.

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