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Perfect pitches, panoramic views, and great games played!
February 23, 2024

The senior boys football squad travelled to Dubai for their end-of-season tour over half term. It was a fantastic experience for the boys where they played 3 matches against local opposition, trained at the impressive Emirates Sevens ground, and took in the sights, which included Atlantic Water Park, a trip up the Burj Khalifa, a desert safari and dinner overlooking the water fountain display next to Dubai Mall.

Some great games were played, but most importantly, they built fantastic memories, and it was a terrific way to finish the football season!Year 8 head boys, Sergey and Hugo, share some of their most unforgettable highlights from their time in Dubai.

Sergey writes:

Dubai, a magical place full culture, skyscrapers and desert, lots of it. Visting Dubai for a week changed my perspective on the world for the better. That life can change rapidly from one day to another. I remember seeing articles about how Dubai looked only 30 years ago. Empty. Yet while it was there it looked like a thriving ecosystem of rural and urban environments intertwining. The Burj Khalifa was my favourite. Standing at 828 meters and being able to be on the 130th floor, is special. I bet a friend I could see my house back in Britain from up there. In the heights I saw the enchanting fountain show next to Carluccios where we were eating our delicious Italian cuisine gazing out on the sunset. The Dubai Marina where we went on a cruise ship and sat under the giants buildings like ants. The seemingly boring sand dunes that gave us all enough thrill for our lifetimes. That is what Dubai is. At the sand dunes we all got into groups separated by cars and raced to our camp, there we got to ride camels and look at the amazing national dances. However, the most important part was the football. Playing football for most of my life, and travelling throughout England to do so, I have never seen a more perfect pitch. The sun allowed us to have a perfect 26 degrees, the perfect weather. Not only were these matches gripping but I bonded with the boys at my school, ranging all the way down to Year 6. We became a team, we became one. Dubai.

Hugo recalled:

My Dubai escapade was a whirlwind of diverse experiences, from ascending the towering Burj Khalifa for panoramic views that left me in awe to indulging in a spot of relaxation at the extravagant Dubai Mall. The bustling energy of the mall contrasted with the serene moments spent on the pristine beaches, where the turquoise waters met the glistening skyline. Amidst the city’s grandeur, our group found time for camaraderie through football at some stunning, state-of-the-art venues, creating unforgettable memories against the backdrop of Dubai’s iconic landmarks. It was a trip that seamlessly blended fun, adventure, and leisure, leaving me with a profound appreciation for the multifaceted allure of this dynamic city. Thank you to Mr Mike, Mr Isaac and to Mr Starbrook for organising the trip. I know I speak for everyone when I say that we all really enjoyed it and are really grateful for you giving up your time to give us this experience.

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