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‘Troy-24’ – A Modern Take on Ancient Drama
March 20, 2024

The middle school’s production of “Troy-24” was a resounding success, with 49 Year 5 and 6 pupils performing alongside the Year 7 and Year 8 Theatre Tech Crew, bringing to life a modern interpretation of the Trojan War. This was not a retelling of ‘The Iliad’ or the entire conflict, but a rendition that captured the drama and tragedy inherent in the original, giving a darkly humorous and entertaining take on this ancient story.

Set in a 24-hour television news studio, “Troy-24” unfolds with rapid reporting on a single day in the ninth year of the Trojan war. The stage remained empty with the actors and a few simple props for each setting, ensuring the production depicting the battlefields, rival army camps, and key moments from the conflict’s early years took centre stage.

Razi, who portrayed Aeneas, a Trojan leader, shared his enthusiasm, stating, “The play has been a great event for me to master a new aspect of drama – war. It was really fun working with the cast, crew, and set, and I really hope I can experience this again. Thank you Ms. Tricker for this opportunity!”

Franklin (7M), the composer of the Troy 24 theme, expressed his pride, saying, “It was great watching the play and listening to my composition being played as the theme; moreover, I felt very proud, and hope I can do it again next time! I really loved the performance and loved the show finally coming together!”

Parents attending the production equally enjoyed the performance. One parent praised, “Huge congratulations on putting together such an incredible production of Troy-24! My husband and I were so impressed by the whole concept, the acting, choreography, costumes, and set. It was a joy to spectate!”

Another parent added, “Just a short note to thank you for the wonderful performance we got to enjoy over the last two nights. Our whole family truly enjoyed it!”

Mrs. Jefferson, the Master, also praised the production, stating, “The Middle School’s production of Troy-24 was an absolute triumph and a real highlight of the week. The boys performed with gusto and wit. It was darkly humorous and highly engaging.”

The Director of Drama, Ms. Tricker, who expertly produced and directed the production, shared insights into choosing the play, adding, “Directing this contemporary take on an ancient story led me to read Emily Wilson’s 2023 translation of Homer’s epic poem, ‘The Iliad’. I kept going and finished all 24 books by first rehearsal on 16th January; phew! ”

The success of ‘Troy-24’ is a testament to the dedication of the pupils and faculty involved, including the Year 7 and Year 8 Theatre Tech Crew, who behind the scenes, played an integral role in bringing the production to life.

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