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Sprints, jumps, and victories – Sports Day 2024
June 21, 2024

The WUS annual sports day made a grand return to Vincent Square this year, delivering an action-packed event that the entire school community enjoyed. From impressive jumps to record-breaking performances and fiercely competitive relay victories, the day was a resounding success.

After last year’s relocation to Battersea Arena due to essential field work, everyone eagerly anticipated the return to Vincent Square. The weather didn’t disappoint and provided perfect conditions as students participated in a five-station carousel of sports activities throughout the day. These included track events, field events, tug-of-war, the ultimate zone, and the paralympic zone. Leading up to the event, the boys honed their skills in PE lessons, preparing to earn stickers and secure house points for the coveted winning trophy.

The day’s highlights were numerous, with standout performances across all events. Samuel impressed with a long jump of 4.44m, while Jack came within 4cm of breaking his unofficial school record. Max dominated the track, winning both the 200m and 800m races. The Year 8 relay team, consisting of Deep, Hugo, Sergey, and Oskar, outperformed all competitors, including a highly-rated staff team.

The Ultimate zone saw high emotion and close games, with Mr. Matthews identifying future stars in Zixiu and Elliott. Tug-of-war, a perennial favorite, didn’t disappoint, especially in the Year 5 category where Tudors emerged victorious thanks to Neal’s powerhouse performance for the Lions.

The final standings underscored the spirit and effort displayed by all participants. The Lions secured first place with 510 points, followed by the Tudors with 490 points. The Martlets came in third with 497 points, and the Fleuries finished fourth with 482 points. All students can take pride in their achievements from the day and the effort they put into each activity.

The event concluded with three fun parent race heats, providing a perfect end to a fantastic day of sport and a memorable event for everyone involved.

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