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Speedcubing Competition 2023 – Pupils Excel in Cubing Showdown
October 4, 2023

This week marked the highly anticipated 2023 WUS Speedcubing competition, where 18 pupils competed fiercely for the coveted Speedcubing trophy.

The theatre was alive with excitement as we witnessed the finalists engaged in intense battles, deeply concentrated as they swiftly solved their three cubes. The school was treated to a real spectacle, and we’d like to thank all 18 competitors for playing their part.

They were: Ricky, Alex, Adam, Kyan, Zixiu, Youngmin, Aiden, Lex, Christos-Marios, Xiaoran, Leon, Sam, Franklin, James, Oscar, John, Alexander, and Harvey.

In the end, four participants advanced to the final, and the podium results were as follows:

Franklin 1:02
Lex 1:07
Youngmin 1:20

Well done to Franklin, whose name and time has been engraved on the Speedcubing trophy, forever etched into WUS history.

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