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Show-Stopping Performance – Oliver! Takes Centre Stage
November 28, 2023

In a spectacular display of talent and teamwork, our young performers brought the timeless classic ‘Oliver!’ by Lionel Bart, to life in this year’s Senior Musical. Adorned in fantastic costumes and surrounded by an extraordinary set, they embraced the spotlight, delivering a mesmerising performance that left the audience in awe.

Under the expert direction of Lindsay Tricker, Director of Drama, and guided by Rebecca Thorn, Director of Music, our dedicated performers invested weeks of rehearsals to bring this classic story to life. The production required talent, imagination, great singing, movement, and hard work, offering short and episodic scenes that provided a brisk trot through a sanitized vision of Dickens’ London criminal underworld.

The main cast, including Michael, Orlando, Zechariah, Johnny, Henry, Alex, Alban, Gabriel, and Zayd, delivered stellar performances that added depth and emotion to the evening.

Miss Tricker, Director of Drama, said: ‘I’m thrilled with the hard work and enthusiasm the boys have brought to this production. I am incredibly grateful to their families for supporting them in their participation.’

Mrs. Thorn, Director of Music, also shared her thoughts: ‘It was an absolute pleasure working with Miss Tricker and our talented bunch of performers! They really got into their characters, and the audiences were taken on a rollercoaster of emotions by our lead actors. The costumes and set brought the whole thing to life.’

The range of characters offered the cast wonderful opportunities to invest in their role and learn stagecraft. While the visually stunning set design seamlessly transported the audience into the heart of Oliver Twist’s world, creating a magical atmosphere that captivated both young and old alike.

Sharing his experience, Henry (7B), who portrayed Bet, said: “I found the play exhilarating and thrilling to be in. The excitement built up in the days leading up to the performance— bubbling slowly throughout the rehearsals, increasing in the dress rehearsal, and reaching fever pitch on the first night. I first entered the stage, brimming with excitement, and felt that nerves might get the better of me, but the longer I spent on stage, the more the nerves slipped away.”

Mrs. Jefferson, the Master, added: “It was an outstanding show, which was indeed worthy of the West End. The boys added a great deal of character, hard work and talent, which led to a captivating performance. Miss Tricker, the Director of Drama, has an exceptional working relationship with the boys and motivates them to achieve great things.”

Westminster Under School continues to foster an environment where creativity and talent take centre stage—a true testament to the vibrancy and excellence that define our school community. Congratulations to all involved for a truly outstanding performance, an experience we hope they will remember for many years.

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