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Platform 2024 – Nurturing minds, inspiring growth
February 27, 2024

Our new group of young Platformers have successfully completed initial lessons, laying the foundation for a year filled with educational adventures and enriching experiences ahead. As these enthusiastic and inquisitive boys and girls continue their educational journey through Westminster Platform and Platform Pups, exciting plans for future sessions, including lessons in a range of subjects, from English, Mathematics, and Latin, as well as visits to the National Gallery and Westminster Abbey, promise even more enriching experiences for our budding learners.

Platformers enjoyed their first session of the year in January with a host of introductory lessons. Starting with a mathematical exploration, pupils were looking into the works of celebrated mathematicians – Gauss, Pascal, Galton, and Lucas. Under the guidance of Mr. Matthews, pupils enjoyed the Towers of Hanoi, unravelled the mysteries of Pascal’s triangle, and discovered Galton’s board.

During their initial English lesson, an imaginative journey through the Amazon rainforest via Katherine Rundell’s ‘The Explorer’ took place with group discussions. Dr. Horridge’s history lesson added a historical dimension to their learning, creating a well-rounded experience where everyone was able to get to know each other, make friends, and share ideas.

Platform and Platform Pups serve as monthly Saturday morning enrichment teaching sessions, welcoming both boys and girls from local London primary schools with a keen interest in academic challenges. Held in our school overlooking Vincent Square, Platform offers a unique opportunity for pupils to learn alongside like-minded peers in an atmosphere that nurtures intellectual curiosity and open-mindedness towards learning.

As the Platformers returned for their second session this month, structured comprehension responses in English, with Mrs. Jones, were discussed in small groups, and ideas were shared through the Point, Evidence and Explain (PEE) technique. During mathematics, they navigated through factorial calculations, triangle numbers, and the powers of two. Mr. Matthews, impressed by their growth mindset, challenged them with diverse mathematical concepts which they enthusiastically worked through and confidently shared as a group.

In the science labs, our budding scientists took on the challenge of investigating reaction times for left and right hands. Predictions were made, measurements were taken, results were recorded, and conclusions were drawn – a fun hands-on exploration of scientific inquiry. History, during the second session, provided a lightning overview of English monarchs, accompanied by a lively historical song. Platformers engaged actively, selecting key events, creating a memorable journey through time.

Not confined to traditional classroom settings, recent science laboratory experiments were just a taste of the hands-on experiences awaiting pupils. In the coming months, visits to the National Gallery and Westminster Abbey will form a fundamental part of the curriculum, exposing pupils to a broader perspective. Benefiting from exposure to a range of subjects, Platform pupils enjoy a well-rounded educational experience. WUS teachers, not just mentors but enthusiastic supporters of the programme, encourage each pupil to reach their full potential.

As Platform and Platform Pups continue throughout the year, we eagerly anticipate the growth, discovery, and accomplishments of the young minds participating in 2024.

Westminster Under School is celebrated for our commitment to a liberal and inspiring education, an ethos that resonates through the Platform programme. With the understanding of the privilege such an education provides, we are dedicated to sharing our resources to empower pupils beyond our immediate school community, through meaningful partnerships.


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