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Igniting Curiosity – Year 5 Pupils Master Bunsen Burner Safety
September 27, 2023

Our budding Year 5 scientists harness the power of the Bunsen burner, earning their licenses and fuelling their passion for scientific discovery.  

Pupils have embarked on a journey to master laboratory safety and equipment handling, fueling their enthusiasm as they become well-acquainted with the Bunsen burner—a fundamental laboratory tool that underscores the essential need for safety in any scientific pursuit. 

Freddie (5S) said: “I found the lesson both enlightening and thrilling. While I initially felt a bit ‘burned out’ with nerves, striking that match reminded me of our homework, and suddenly, it all clicked into place. The news of receiving my Bunsen burner license was simply ‘flame-tastic’!” 

Alexander (5S) said: “The experience was nothing short of ‘heat-racing’ excitement! Our first attempt at lighting the Bunsen burner was like ‘sparking’ a grand adventure. The burst of flame from our successful attempt left me feeling ‘blazing’ with jubilation!” 

Ready and eager for the exciting science lessons that lie ahead, pupils are now equipped with their Bunsen burner licenses, demonstrating their grasp of the fundamentals of laboratory safety. 

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