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Celebrating A Festival of Lessons and Carols at St Margaret’s Church
December 15, 2023

The spirit of Christmas filled St Margaret’s Church, Westminster Abbey, as our school community gathered for our annual Festival of Lessons and Carols. This joyous celebration of music, readings, and the warmth of the festive season was held by kind permission of The Dean and Chapter of Westminster.

Under the skilled direction of Director of Music, Mrs. Thorn, the Senior Choir filled the church with festive notes, performing cherished carols such as ‘Hark the Herald Angel Sing,’ ‘Sussex Carol,’ and the ever-beloved ‘O Come, All Ye Faithful.’ The service commenced with the carol, ‘In the Stillness,’ setting the tone for a night filled with thoughtful reflection and thanksgiving.

The evening began with an opening prayer by The Reverend Dan Warnke, School Chaplain and Priest Vicar of Westminster Abbey. In his heartfelt message, he urged those gathered to ‘pray for the needs of the whole world; for peace on earth and goodwill among all His people; for unity and friendship within the Church he came to build, and especially in this Collegiate Church of St Peter with St Margaret at Westminster and for this, our school community.’ This poignant call set the stage for a night of reflection, gratitude, and celebration, emphasising the true meaning of Christmas.

Pupils from various year groups, including Alexander from Year 4, Alexander from Year 5, Christos-Marios from Year 7, Max from Year 8, and Hugo, the Head of School, delivered this year’s poignant readings. Their voices resonated with sincerity as they brought to life timeless tales and messages of hope that define the Christmas season.

The evening concluded with the Master, Mrs. Jefferson, reading the closing passage where ‘St John unfolded the great mystery of the Incarnation’ from the seven lessons, followed by the closing blessing by the Chaplain.

As the final notes of ‘O Come, All Ye Faithful’ echoed through the sacred space, the congregation left St Margaret’s Church with a profound sense of community and shared joy.

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