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Becoming ‘an integral part of something bigger’- Pupils Earn Prestigious King’s Scholarship
September 28, 2023

This year, five outstanding pupils from Westminster Under School have earned the prestigious King’s Scholars status at Westminster.  In a service held in September, Alec, Ethan, Andy, Philip, and Harry formally joined the Abbey community alongside the seven other Kings Scholars, presenting their credentials and being admitted, in Latin, by the Dean of Westminster, the Very Reverend Dr. David Hoyle, in a tradition dating back 500 years. 

Following the ceremony, the new scholars commented on the occasion and the experience.  

Andy (Fifth Form, CC) shared, “It was an absolutely surreal experience to be inducted by the Dean of Westminster and become part of the School’s rich history and its lasting connection with the Abbey.” 

Harry (Fifth Form, CC) added, “The induction ceremony filled all of us new King’s Scholars with awe, considering the whole symbolic significance of the Abbey and the ceremony in general, and it was truly a great honour to be received by the rest of College in such a way.” 

The Master, Mrs. Jefferson, said, ‘Westminster Under School is very proud of the boys’ accomplishments, which reflect their hard work and insatiable curiosity. I look forward to seeing them continue to achieve great things in the years to come.’ 

We are also proud to acknowledge the outstanding accomplishments of Leo, Ryan, and Alex, who have earned King’s Scholarships at Eton this year. 

As we celebrate these achievements, the School continues its tradition of nurturing exceptional talent and preparing pupils for academic success on a broader stage. 

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