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A Thrilling Return – House Cross Country
October 13, 2023

After a one-year hiatus for essential pavilion and field renovations, the House Cross Country event made a triumphant return, as pupils from all year groups relished a day of spirited runs around Vincent Square.

The conditions were perfect as all boys in each of the Year Group races collected valuable house points for the overall standings. The enthusiasm and determination displayed by our pupils created a fantastic atmosphere for the entire school community.

Congratulations to race winners:

Name Year Group Time
Zayan Year 3 2.27.14
Adi Year 4 5.04.01
Eli Year 5 4.18.93
Hugo Year 6 7.11.71
Samuel Year 7 6.42.93
Max Year 8 6.33.50

Thank you to all involved, notably Mr Matthews, Mrs Smith and Mr Gougay, for their active involvement in running alongside our boys.

This marks a wonderful conclusion to the half term, further nurturing the passion for sports and strengthening our school community.

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