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A Purr-fect Night with ‘The Aristocats’ Junior Production
December 13, 2023

Embarking on a journey of theatrical delight, this year’s Junior Christmas production was a resounding success with the timeless classic – ‘The Aristocats, Kids’.

The Disney classic, set against the charming backdrop of 1910s Paris, provided the perfect canvas for this heartwarming tale. The narrative unfolds as we follow the adventures of Duchess and her three adorable kittens—Berlioz, Marie, and Toulouse played by George, Philip, and Adi. Their whimsical journey brought an extra layer of magic to the stage, captivating the audience with a truly memorable and spirited production.

Miss Wellman, Head of Juniors, who directed the production, remarked, ‘The rehearsal period has been such fun as all 63 boys involved have approached them with such enthusiasm, commitment, and a genuine love for singing the songs!’

Their collaborative spirit, infectious energy, and tireless efforts not only elevated the energy of the production but also fostered a sense of camaraderie amongst the Juniors, evident both on and off the stage.

The Master, Mrs. Jefferson, commended the efforts of the boys, stating, ‘Our boys pulled out all the stops and performed marvellously! They sang beautifully and brought a smile to everyone’s faces. Well done to all involved, including the immensely talented Junior Department Team and Music Department.’

Parental praise echoed through the corridors, with one expressing, ‘Wow! What a lovely evening!!! It was such a treat to see the boys perform so beautifully and confidently. Each year it gets better and better. Todays show was outstanding!’

Another parent said, ‘What an amazing play! The plays at WUS are something extraordinary because the level keeps on going up every year. We look forward to it every year and we are blown away each time.’

The sentiments were shared by the Junior boys themselves, each reflecting on their unique experiences.

Henry said, ‘I loved the rehearsals, and could feel myself gaining in confidence each time we performed it.’

Emre shared, ‘Being part of the whole company, you know someone is always watching you so everyone is important.’

Attiqus said, ‘It was amazing when the staging, lights, live band all arrived and when we put on our costumes!’

Jamie added, ‘I had no idea singing and dancing to the songs would be as fun as it was! ‘

The resounding success of ‘The Aristocats’ is a testament to the collaborative effort of the pupils, teachers, and supportive parents. A heartfelt thank you goes to Miss Wellman for her tireless efforts in organising and directing this outstanding production!

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