Staff List

Senior Leadership Team

Master: M O’Donnell, BA, MSc (Arch), Ed.M, PGDE, FRSA
Deputy Master: D S C Bratt, BA
Bursar: M J Walsh, BComm, FCA
Assistant Master: Teaching and Learning: C R Candy, MA
Assistant Master (Pastoral): Miss H L V Lloyd, BSc
Assistant Master (Academic): Miss S Wollam, BSc
Assistant Master (Extra-Curricular): M J Woodside, BSc

Staff List 2019-2020

Miss M E Ellis, BEd (Head of Mathematics; Games & 8E Form Teacher)
D S C Bratt, BA (Deputy Master)
E J Matthews, M Eng (Enterprise Coordinator & 6M Form Teacher)
Miss L E Timms, BSc (7M Form Teacher)

P A Rosenthal, BA (Head of English & 8R Form Teacher)
Mrs E-L Allison, BA, MA (English Support)
C H W Hill, MA (Director of Drama and Games)
Miss E R Marr, BA (Head of Year 7)
M O’Donnell, BA, MSc (Arch), Ed.M, PGDE, FRSA (Master)
Miss H L V Lloyd, BSc (Assistant Master: Pastoral)

Mrs H L Lindley, BSc (Head of Science & 8L Form Teacher)
P Isaac, BSc (6I Form Teacher)
Miss S Wollam, BSc (Assistant Master: Academic)
Ms A Hauke-Smith – Lab Technician

S Thébaud, BSc, MA (Head of French & 7T Form Teacher)
E Banfield, BA, MA, DPhil
C R Candy, MA (Assistant Master: Teaching and Learning)
G Gougay, BA (Acting Head of Years 5 and 6)

P M Daly BA, MA (Head of Classics & 7D Form Teacher)
S R H James, BA
A J Downey, BA, MA

Dr G K Horridge, PhD (Head of History & 8H Form Teacher)
M J Woodside, BSc (Assistant Master: Extra-Curricular)

O T Campbell Smith, MA, MSc (Head of Geography & Head of Year 8)
Miss A E A Johnson, MSc
Miss C Wheeler-Bennett, BSc (Learning Support)

S Singh, BSc (Head of Computing & 7S Form Teacher)
I Baillie, ACTC, MBA, Pg Dip Adv Net (ICT Consultant)
G Keller, BSc (ICT Technician)
Ms H Tefera, BSc (ICT Technician)

Mrs A C Apaloo, MA (Head of Theology, Philosophy and Religion)

Miss H S Wellman, BSc (Head of Juniors, 3W Form Teacher, Head of PSHE)
Ms E Beauclerk, MA, BA (4B Form Teacher)
Ms A Evans (Classroom Assistant)
Mrs M V Raikes, BEd, Dip Counselling (4R Form Teacher)

Ms F M Illingworth, BA (Head of Art & 3D Design)
A J P Busk, Dip Fine Art
Miss A Hartley, MA (Art Technician)
Miss A Simpson, BA (Art Technician)
Mrs V James, BEd (Librarian)

D R Shaw, BSc (Head of Sport)
T Dumas, BSc (and 5D Form Teacher)

J S Walker, BEd, LRAM, FRSA (Director of Music)
T D Chapman, MA
Mrs E M Bell, BA, MA (Assistant Director of Music and 5B Form Teacher, Maternity Cover)
Mrs R Thorn, BMus, MMus (Assistant Director of Music & Head of Years 5 & 6, Maternity Leave)
C Magalhães, BBA (Music Administrator)

C H W Hill, MA (Director of Drama & English and Games)

Mrs D L F Jones BA, MEd, NASENCO (Head of Learning Support, Maternity Leave)
Mrs L Adams, BA, Dip Counselling (School Counsellor)
Miss C Wheeler-Bennett, BSc (Learning Support, Maternity Cover and Geography)

Miss L Blanchard (School Matron)
Mrs P Keeley (Receptionist)
Mrs A Lee (Registrar)
Miss L Lopes (PA to the Master)
Mrs M Waggett (Financial Secretary)
Miss J Winstanley (HR Director)